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TAC2 - Tango & Catch 2

Tango & Catch 2 (TAC2), is a SMB network search engine independed search client fro both Linux and Windows. On a large computer network with a lot of computers sharing files via the Windows File\Printer sharing protocol SMB it can be difficult to find a specific file. That why search engines have been written. Because there's more then one search engine I wrote a client to support an virtual unlimited number of search engines. And there's no Linux client available for any of those Search engines. That's why I started on TAC2

TAC2 features

  • Multiple search engines (Dance\InfoFind\Swing)
  • Both Windows and Linux binairy
  • Sorting of results
  • 2nd Level filtering of computers
  • Real online check (online check from the client computer)
  • Highly customizable
  • Bookmarking of searches
  • Open Source (as fas as possible)


    All the work I do on my TAC2 project is in my spare time. I don't earn any money with it. You can donate a bit of money to keep my spirit up and work more on TAC2. Use the following link:
  • © 2001/2002 Michiel "El Muerte" Hendriks - The Drunk Snipers
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